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With Apartment Marketing, your apartment marketing budget goes towards the digital strategies that matter the most such as SEO, schema markup, AMP, image optimization, automated email marketing, reputation management, and local listings. Each of these approaches directly impacts the quality of your website which guarantees higher-quality leads.

Through Apartment Marketing, your website can become the master of the search engines. By focusing on your website, you are able to directly communicate the information that is necessary for prospects to hear. Utilizing Apartment Marketing gives prospects the confidence they need to ultimately sign a lease. It provides them with all of the resources at their fingertips and eliminates your apartment from always being directly compared against others. It is highly difficult and expensive to always stand out on a large ILS page. Only focusing on large ILS pages limits your website to reach its full potential. Apartment Marketing maximizes your budget, to bring you the most affordable, and effective apartment marketing option.

Can you imagine what you would be able to achieve if you took the budget you implemented to only ILS pages, and started Apartment Marketing by RentAptsOnline.Com?
- Jake Blake

There truly isn’t a better and more effective way to increase your property value than by utilizing Apartment Marketing. If you’re exhausted from giving away thousands of dollars, to only be placed next to all of your competitors, then it’s time to change your marketing approach.


What does Apartment Marketing consist of?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is the practice of increasing traffic to your website from search engine result pages. A website can have SEO content in a few different ways. It can include everything from page titles to the paragraph content. In order to be SEO friendly, a website must include terms that are currently being searched for in their local area.

Schema markup is a code that goes on your website to help search engines retrieve your information. It provides structured data. This structured data will appear in the search engine when the schema markup is in place.

When you combine SEO, with schema markup you’re greatly increasing your chances to not only appear higher on the search engines but to appear better. Both of these additions will increase the information that prospects see right away. From here, prospects will be more attracted to click on your website, and ultimately more interested in renting. Start the Apartment Marketing process now, and you will be on your way to a better search engine ranking.

The overall point of maximizing website leads through Apartment Marketing is to make your website the highest quality possible. When it becomes the highest quality possible, it will receive more traffic. Your website is simply the home of your prospects. The more that prospects feel connected to the material on your website, the more likely they will be to join your community.

Two basic ways that you can maximize your website is through AMP, and image optimization. AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages, and it is the process by which your website becomes mobile-friendly. By using AMP, you will increase your website’s mobile speed, making the pages load almost instantly. This is going to allow prospects to gather the information they want to about your website in a quicker manner.

Image optimization is related to this, as it about making each image on your website function better, and consists of resizing them to the ideal size. By doing this, you will not lose the quality of the image. The images are also optimized so they will not slow down the page loading times. Along with these benefits, image optimization also gives you the opportunity to rank on search engines. This is possible through naming the images, choosing the right file type, and displaying accurate dimensions.

When combined, AMP, and image optimization give your website the tools necessary to perform at it’s very best. The speed becomes fast and catered to mobile devices, and the images assist in SEO ranking. This plays a role in Apartment Marketing by bettering your website functioning.

Even in the midst of other communication channels, email remains one of the most effective. With automated email marketing, your residents will receive structured emails that are sent to them on a few specific occasions.

For example, if a resident puts in a maintenance request, a structured email that is timed, will then be sent to them with a specific message. This email will also include links to leave your apartment community a review. This is a fantastic way to reach out to your residents while continuing to increase your online reviews. Once your automated email marketing schedule is made, it will send on a timed schedule. It is a simple, and prompt way to show your residents that you care.

In return, you're giving your residents the perfect moment to leave you a review. They are able to see that your services are timely and that your management is productive. In the end, the more reviews that you get will relate to the amount of traffic your website gets. All of these elements work together to bring your apartment higher-quality leads.

The overall purpose of reputation management is to develop a cohesive brand, increase platform presence, and create community awareness. This is usually administered through managing reviews and social media. Ultimately, people largely depend on the "internet value" of a community, before they join. Prospects will most likely read the reviews, and check out the social media platforms before they consider moving in.

An apartment community can use social media to develop leads and maintain resident retention. It is a great way to let your current residents know about events or specials that you have going on. People feel a great deal of appreciation when they can be apart of what is going on behind the scenes.

When review generation is combined with social media content, it helps you develop a cohesive online brand. This allows individuals to recognize your community in an instant. It is a crucial, and essential step in growing your apartment community. Every single day the world becomes more reliant on the opinions of others to dictate their choices. Now is the time to play off of this by utilizing Apartment Marketing’s reputation management.

Whenever you enter information into a search engine, whether on a mobile device or a desktop, you will first be drawn to the local listing. Local listings consist of Google My Business, Yelp, Bing, and Apple Maps. Local listings are a crucial part of digital apartment marketing and are fully handled when you participate in Apartment Marketing by RentAptsOnline.Com. In your local listing, you can add pictures, specials, floor plans, and monitor your reviews. It can ultimately be the deciding factor for someone to then click on your website.

Maintaining a local listing that is fully updated, and congruent with your current website is extremely important. It leads to greater website clicks and helps to turn leads into leases. Managing your listings with prestige detail, and frequently improving them is also a large portion of Apartment Marketing.

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