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Apartment Package Comparison Tabs
Unique apartment marketing packages built for any rental community!
Website Packages & Features Basic Deluxe Basic Enhanced Basic Premium
Apartment Website Portal
(focused apartment for rent SEO presence)
Each apartment website package includes unique rent tools and the following checklist briefly overviews some of these apartment features that are included. However for more precise information regarding which of these apartment tools are covered in your custom package, please continue to refer and select from the apartment comparison table information that proceeds below while building your apartment website solution that best fits your rental community needs.
  • COM custom designed Apartment Website plus Top Level Domain creating new website presence & New Company Logo if needed & Quality Navigation Graphics.
  • .MOBI custom built Mobile Website viewable on all popular brands iPhone, Android, Blackberry, LG, Samsung, Motorola & Windows * (uses Accepted Mobile Standard).
  • Apartment Home - Brief overview of "Community" with enticing introduction and easy navigation throughout each apartment website. Easily adjustable to fit the needs of each apartment home.
  • YOUTUBE VIDEO HD with Music - Comes Free with setup. Interaction with Social Video Medium and of course search engine optimized to boost your rent prospective.
  • Apartment Amenities - Community features start with included apartment pictures and lifestyle descriptions under each one easily identifiable for your next potential tenant.
  • Local Living - A well designed overview of the city your apartment for rent is located in. Expect nothing less than a precise summary filled with direct website links to close by businesses, colleges, restaurants & entertainment nearby your apartment complex.
  • Apartment Directions - What could be better than a built-in interactive map that allows both apartment tenants and prospective residents to reach their destination without ever leaving your apartment website? Directions to your apartment delivered with technology.
  • APARTMENT FLOORPLANS - (FLASH) (HYPERSCHEMATIC) (3D FLOORPLANS) Who else but "The Original Apartment Marketing Club" brings 3 different floor plans to the table? Apartment marketing done the way it ought to, with professional tools for todays rental industry.
  • Service Requests - Resident portal for direct communication with the rental office. Messages from these forms are both emailed and faxed directly to apartment managers. Permission to enter apartment & other convenient features make caring for your community a breeze.
  • APARTMENT VIRTUAL TOURS - Comes Free with setup. Have you seen those apartment websites that showcase tiny tours? NOT YOURS! We provide 5-10 Big Screen Virtual Tours! Everything important about your rental property is close and personal, just the way it should be.
  • Professional Apartment Photography - Free with setup. Plus you can upload any of your own! Now you've heard them say a picture is worth a thousand words, but exactly how many words are your apartment photos saying about you? Quality High Resolution full size community photos is what you get. We want you to be seen, and your phone to be ringing.
  • Facebook Integration - Many apartment communities are taking full advantage of this popular social medium and why should you? Connect your apartment Facebook page to your apartment website! Add a like button and you know it builds seo and page rank as well. Prospective tenants will love the simplicity of it all and ease of access.
  • APARTMENT DATABASE DRIVEN - All websites for apartments come built-in with secure login and an apartment dashboard for easy control of everything ranging from the most used features such as adjustable apartment price and deposit info, to other rent incentive abilities such as coupon control, running rent specials, friend referrals, apartment office hours and much more. For resident retention, try uploading your own community newsletters or keeping current apartment events posted with blog capability!
Mobile Site w/ Virtual Tour & QR Code .MOBI .MOBI
Mobile Websites is what we do best! If your current provider IS NOT supplying a .MOBI extension apartment website in addition to the normal .COM apartment website and by this WE DON'T MEAN --> ApartmentsWebsite.com/MOBILE/TryAndFindMyWebsite.xhtml then call us today! "The Orginal Apartment Marketing Club" is up to the challenge and we offer FREE mobile website solutions for every apartment community that we care for. In addition your mobile website is connected to a unique QR code available for both Web & Print usage. Mobile Website Leads are without a doubt the next wave of the rental industry! Is your current provider helping you the way they should? Call Us (888) 629-2787
BIG Virtual Tours & Photo Shoot 1 FREE w/ website additional packages available 1 FREE w/ website +50% off "SpeedyTour" 1 per year 1 FREE w/ website +1 Free "MeggaTour" per year
Quality Apartment Photography is essential to filling those leases fast! FREE is the word we use when describing hi-resolution photography that comes built-in to your apartment website and mobile website upon setup. Easy to control manager tools also let you capture the moment when that perfect morning arrives and your just in the right place at the right time. So grab your digital camera and snap away! Then login to your a Apartment Dashboard and use the PhotosDriven App to upload those new apartment photos into your albums.

BIG Virtual Tours is a feature that comes FREE with each and every apartment website setup. These Virtual Tours are even viewable on your Apartment Mobile Website! Apartment Virtual Tours can really make the difference in the decision making when searching for a new apartment home to rent. Why not call us today at (888) 629-2787 and take your apartment community to the next generation of online marketing.
Extra Photo & Virtual Tour Packages Up to 25 Hi-Res Pics 5 Virtual Tours 360° Unlimited Hi-Res Pics Up to 7 Virtual Tours 360° Unlimited Hi-Res Pics Up to 10 Virtual Tours 360°
Did your apartment community just get repainted? All "Club Members" can take full advantage of unheard pricing on professional photography and virtual tour packages. Contact your RentAptsOnline.Com representative today and we'll get you up and running in a short amount of time.
YouTube Video Slide Presentation
(social media + extra apartment SEO)
Another powerful for rent tool that's provided FREE at setup! Online Apartment Videos today are all the rage. With millions of viewers looking at YouTube Videos every day, why not broadcast your apartments for rent in a premium spot? Not to mention that your apartment mobile website as well comes packed with its own YouTube video so that exposure to your community never skips a beat.
UNLIMITED Leads By Fax & Email
That's right we said UNLIMITED! What if your office computer catches a virus? What if your internet goes down at your apartment complex? Doesn't really matter, because your apartment websites sends all "Rent Leads" and "Resident Service Requests" via EMAIL & FAX. Our concern for lead generation and filling those apartment vacancies is top priority.
UNLIMITED Website Maintenance
Relax and feel confident that your apartment website is constantly being cared for. Current rent trends and social marketing techniques for apartments is always at the forefront of our endeavors to put your community out there and in front of the eyes of your next happy resident. Please feel free to drop us a line anytime and share ideas or comments on how we can improve or add new features to your apartment communities marketing experience. Increase My Occupancy
UNLIMITED Website Training
A community managers biggest rent tool is their apartment website. With this in mind we provide FREE UNLIMITED online training for apartment management companies as well their office staff that will be utilizing this leasing agent everyday. Proven techniques are also taught for delivering cost effective marketing strategies utilizing your apartments mobile website & taking full advantage of the PDF brochure that includes a QR barcode scanned by today's smartphone users.
PDF Printable Brochure
"Online Brochures". Does your apartment website make accessing information about units for rent with PDF brochures likes this? APARTMENT BROCHURES Not to mention PDF brochures that automatically update with apartment pricing and other rental information. Top it all off with your own Apartment QR Code that conveniently links to your fully synchronized apartment mobile website and you have it made. Talk about marketing made easy for apartment managers!
User Controls Pricing & Deposits
Controlling your apartment website rent prices and deposit amounts just got easier! Each apartment website design includes a built-in apartment dashboard with graphical controls. Click! Edit! Save! That's our motto for how easy it is. Best of all, after adjusting your community website all new information automatically posts and updates your apartment mobile website without you ever knowing. So stop losing sleep and jump aboard with "The Original Apartment Marketing Club".
Customizable Online Coupon
Imagine apartment websites that allow control over customizable coupons on the drop of a dime! Login and make the change to what you offer, whether its a monthly rental special or a regular offer to new residents only. These apartment website coupons are completely personable and print out for faxing or walk-in prospective tenants.
Announcement Moving Banner
The first thing a prospective tenant sees when visiting your apartment website is the Announcement Message that is scrolling across the top of your front page. What better place than there to advertise any rent specials that are currently going on at your community. Grab Attention! Provide The Incentive! Fill those vacancies.
Refer A Friend Price Control
Does your apartment community already have great tenants? Then what are you waiting for! Gear your apartment website towards gathering more of the same residents. Each Apartment Dashboard™ comes with the ability to control the amount that each Referral is worth. So switch it up and start using a proactive approach to maintaining occupancy levels. Contact us today at RentAptsOnline.Com "The Original Apartment Marketing Club" all it takes is 15 minutes of your time.
Top Level Domain Registration
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Website Traffic Analysis
Auto-Reply System For Rent Leads
Color Apartment Floor Plans
Homepage Rotating Banner
Resident Tools Center
(Service Requests & Upload Newsletters Post Community Events)
Integrable w/ 3rd Party Software
3D Furnished Apartment Floor Plans
(apartment artist conception + includes Interior Designer)
Real Time Driven™ Apartment Availability  
iPad Apartment Website
(includes RealTimeDriven apartment availability)
Leads Driven™ Email Marketing    
Apartment Interior Designer Floor Plans
(moving furniture floor plans)
BlogsDriven Resident Tool    
Surveys Driven™ Rentention System    
Rent Driven™ Posting System    
Chat Driven™ Live
(communicate w/ potential tenants)
$45/month per website
+$195 one-time setup
$35/month per website
+$135 one-time setup
$25/month per website
+$95 one-time setup
One-time Startup Cost $95 setup $145 setup $195 setup
Welcome Apartment Owners & Apartment Management Companies,

Our one-time startup cost INCLUDES Virtual Tours, Professional Photography, Custom-built Apartment Website w/ full Manager Tools & login ability. Quality PDF for rent brochures are generated from each apartment website and come packed with an Apartment QR Code that can be scanned by a smart phone automatically directing potential tenants to your APARTMENT MOBILE WEBSITE which is fully synchronized with the "normal size" apartment website. Did we mention that we offer options for iPad apartment websites as well? That's because we are "The Original Apartment Marketing Club" - Custom apartment websites built on cutting edge technology and far ahead of the rent industry curve! Please take your time in reviewing each apartment website package. Any apartment community will benefit from full manager control, updating apartment pricing & deposit amounts, quality apartment virtual tours, high resolution photos, 3 different apartment floor plans styles, resident services, interactive directions and a search engine optimized Youtube Video that adds your presence to the social arena. In addition we can incorporate 3rd party software if desired for apartment payment processing online.


RentAptsOnline.Com Team
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"Driven" Products Included Resident Driven™ Resident Driven™ Resident Driven™
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Included Services Free Custom website branding + logo design (one-time) Free Custom website branding + logo design (one-time) Free Custom website branding + logo design (one-time)
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Included Services Free basic (SEO) optimization on all pages with traffic report Free basic (SEO) optimization on all pages with traffic report Free basic (SEO) optimization on all pages with traffic report
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Included Services Deluxe product training via phone/web Deluxe product training via phone/web Deluxe product training via phone/web
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Optional Services Google Adwords Google Adwords Google Adwords
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